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   Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined, processed, and used in a variety of different ways. For many years asbestos has been used in building materials for its fireproofing, insulating, noise cancelling, heat resisting, and waterproofing properties, as well as increasing the... continue reading

   If lead is found in your home, chances are it is located in old paint used on walls, doors, trim, and furniture. Lead was commonly added to paints to increase opacity, durability, resist moisture and accelerate drying times. Lead has also been used as... continue reading

   Mould spores are everywhere, and are generally not harmful. However, prolonged exposure to large quantities of mould spores can cause serious respiratory problems. Mould spores require water and food in order to grow. The most common place for... continue reading

   Silica is one of the most commonly found substances on earth. Silica is essentially quartz, and is a main component of materials such as sand and concrete. Unlike other hazardous materials such as... continue reading

   Vermiculite is a naturally occuring mineral, which continues to be mined and used commercially today. Vermiculite on its own does not pose a risk to your health, however, many vermiculite mines have been found to be... continue reading