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HEPA Filter Efficiency Testing

HEPA Filter Efficiency Testing

are your filters working for you?

   Your HEPA air filter is one of the most important components of any abatement project. The purpose of the HEPA air filter machine is to suck dirty air out of the contained space like a giant vacuum, and create a negative air pressure in the enclosure, making it difficult for asbestos fibres to exit the containment through entry points, or in the unfortunate event that a breach occurs in your containment. 

   Before the air inside of your containment can be released back into the environment, it must pass through a HEPA filter, located inside of your HEPA air filter machine. This special filter is designed to remove even the smallest asbestos fibres from the air, making it safe to breathe again. 

   Since your HEPA filter is doing such an important job, its important to ensure that your filter is working efficiently, and that it be changed frequently.

How does it work?

   The HEPA air filter runs from the very beginning of the abatement project, up until the job has been officially cleared of all asbestos fibres.

   Before you begin work, one of our highly trained HEPA filter efficiency technicians will come to your job site and test your HEPA filters, as well as your HEPA vaccum using special equipment to ensure that your filter is running properly and efficiently.

   At this point, you should be able to begin work on your project. The next step is to begin air monitoring on the outside of the containment, click here to go to air monitoring.