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Hazardous Materials Inspection

Hazardous Materials Inspection

Your First Step to a hazard free home

   Whether you're planning a renovation, planning to demolish your home, or just want peace of mind for you and your loved ones, you will want to start with a hazardous materials inspection. 

How it works

   A hazardous materials inspection takes just a couple of hours. In that time one of our highly trained professionals will do a walk through of your home, observing any possible ACM (asbestos containing materials), lead, mould and any other hazardous materials. We then take a number of samples of each building material to not only meet but surpass our WorkSafe BC standards, and identify any other possible health threats within the property. 


   Once we have collected the appropriate number of samples from your home, we then take them to be analyzed by one of the best laboratories in BC. The results of the analysis will not only show whether or not a material is hazardous or not, but also how much of a threat it poses to your health. Analysis for bulk materials can take anywhere from 1-5 business days, depending on your project and budget.

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   Once we've determined which, if any, materials are hazardous, we will then provide you with a full written report stating where each material is located, how much of it we found, as well as instruction on how it should be properly removed.